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New clematis from Raymond Evison

Posted by Graham Rice on 11 Aug 2012 at 03:20 PM

Clematis The Countess of Wessex™ (‘Evipo073’), new from Raymond Evison. Image ©Raymond Evison

Back in April I highlighted one of this year’s new clematis introductions from Raymond Evison, Alaina (‘Evipo 056'), this time I’m taking a look at the other two.

The Countess of Wessex™ (‘Evipo073’) (above, click to enlarge) was chosen as the variety to carry her name by Her Royal Highness herself from a range of new Raymond Evison clematis varieties.

The 5–7in/14–17cm single flowers are an especially delightful soft colouring. Each of the six petals is blushed white with a slightly darker central stripe through the centre, while in the middle of the flower the ring of maroon anthers makes a striking contrast. The edges of each petal are appealingly rippled. The flowers open early to mid-summer, sometimes take a short break, then bloom again in late summer to early autumn.

With its delicate colouring, which fades in bright sun, The Countess of Wessex™ is ideal out of direct sunlight, facing north, east or north west is ideal, and reaching only 4-5ft/1.2-1.5m is ideal in a container on the shady side of the patio. Clematis Zara™ (‘Evipo062’), new from Raymond Evison. Image ©Raymond Evison

Even shorter, but happy in any aspect, Zara™ (‘Evipo062’) (left, click to enlarge) has lovely pale blue 4–5in/10-13cm single flowers, with six broad overlapping petals and a mass of golden anthers in the centre

Reaching only 3-4 ft/1–1.2m in height, this is one of Raymond Evison’s most compact varieties and ideal for the smallest of spaces flowering from early summer to early autumn, with perhaps a short rest.

Pruning of both these new clematis is simple: cut back to 12in/30cm in spring.

You can order Clematis The Countess of Wessex™ from Raymond Evison Clematis and from these RHS Plantfinder nurseries.

You can order Clematis Zara™ from Raymond Evison Clematis and from these RHS Plantfinder nurseries.


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