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Six new roses from Harkness Roses

Posted by Graham Rice on 26 Jul 2012 at 01:17 PM

Rose 'Esperanza' - new from Harkness. Image ©Hardkness RosesI recently highlighted some of the new roses from two of Britain’s relatively new rose nurseries, David Austin Roses and Peter Beales Roses. So it only seems fair also to focus on those from a nursery that’s been around, one way or another, for over one hundred and thirty years – Harkness Roses. They have six new roses this year, all developed at their Hertfordshire nursery.

‘Diamond Days’ is a very strongly scented Hybrid Tea rose with white flowers, much creamier in the centre, set against rich dark green leaves. It flowers prolifically right through summer and autumn, but on neat plants which reach about 32in/80cm high and just 24in/60cm high. The citrus-like scent is very powerful.

‘Esperanza’ (above, click to enlarge) was picked out by the Harkness experts for its excellent health, no hint of disease, something they’re always looking for, but a visitor – knowing nothing of this – picked it out for its beauty. This is a modern shrub rose, reaching about 32in/80cm high and wide and is good in both borders and containers. 20% of receipts from sales of ‘Esperanza’ (the name means hope) will be donated to Addenbrooke’s Hospital Trust.

‘Glyndebourne’ is a lovely blushed white shrub rose for the back of the border, Roses 'Diamond Days', 'Ice Dance', 'Mercy Rose', 'Summer Sweetheart - all new from Harkness Roses. Images ©Harkness Rosesreaching 51/4ft/1.6m in height. This well-scented variety is also good for a flowering hedge and is excellent for cutting.

‘Ice Dance’ is a neat and dwarf shrub rose reaching only 2ft/60cm high and wide. The pure white flowers, set against dark green foliage, are single but with extra rows of petals to give the flowers more impressive impact – and they keep coming all summer and into the autumn.

‘Mercy Rose’ is a shrub-like Floribunda, with yellow-centred pale pink semi-double flowers fading almost to white. It’s tough, easy to grow, disease resistant and reaches just 3ft/90cm high and rather less across. 10% of the sales receipts will be donated to Mercy Ships, which provides medical and other help to the world’s poorest countries.

‘Summer Sweetheart’ is one of those invaluable roses – a well behaved climber. It won’t run up your apple tree, over the house and down the other side as it reaches only about 61/2ft/2m so can be trained up alongside the front door. With fragrant flowers all summer, its rich pink colouring never fades and disease is rare.

You can order ‘Diamond Days’ from Harkness Roses.

You can order ‘Esperanza’ from Harkness Roses.

You can order ‘Glyndebourne’ from Harkness Roses.

You can order ‘Ice Dance’ from Harkness Roses.

You can order ‘Mercy Rose’ from Harkness Roses.

You can order ‘Summer Sweetheart’ from Harkness Roses.


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