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Strawberry Toscana: Colourful flowers and tasty fruit

Posted by Graham Rice on 08 Mar 2012 at 12:23 PM

Strawberry 'Toscana' - tasty new strawberry with colourful flowers

  • Rosy red flowers bring colour early in the season
  • Sweet, bight red fruits are full of flavour
  • Raised from seed, so without virus diseases
  • Everbearing, so produces fruits all summer
  • Ideal in containers
  • Winner of the prestigious Florastar Award

A strawberry with bright and colourful flowers as well as sweet and tasty fruits - all through the summer - just has to be a winner.

Developed by strawberry specialists in Holland, the 4cm rich rosy red flowers - rather like the flowers of wild roses – are at first carried in clusters from the centre of the plant. Then, as the runners develop during the summer and trail down the sides of the pots, they too carry flowers.

‘Toscana’ is an everbearing variety so as summer progresses there are both flowers and fruits on the plant at the same time. Grow it in a container on the patio or deck and it’s a genuine edible ornamental – it looks good and tastes good too.

There’s another advantage. Strawberries tend to suffer from virus diseases. But because ‘Toscana’ is a seed-raised variety – and virus diseases are not transmitted in seeds – each new plants starts life completely virus free.

Strawberry ‘Toscana’ won the 2011/2012 Florastar Award for the most eye-catching plant of the year.

You can order plants of strawberry ‘Toscana’ from DT Brown.

You can order seeds of strawberry ‘Toscana’ from DT Brown or from Nicky’s Nursery.

You’ll also find strawberry ‘Toscana’ in some garden centres this year.


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