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Lettuce ‘Lettony’: New from Thompson & Morgan

Posted by Graham Rice on 26 Jan 2012 at 04:02 PM

Lettuce 'Lettony' - new multi-purpose lettuce. Image © Thompson & Morgan
When more than three quarters of over 700 gardeners who tried it say they liked the taste and the texture, and just under three quarters say they’d grow it again, you know you’re on to something. That was the result of a trial of ‘Lettony’ lettuce done last year by readers of Which? Gardening.

‘Lettony’ is a new dual purpose lettuce that be grown for either its baby leaves or its attractive curly mature heads. It doesn’t make a tight heart, but instead develops a loose head then can be cut at any point in its growth, although leaving it to mature of course produces the most useable salads.

Colin Randel, Vegetable Product Manager at Thompson & Morgan, who are introducing ‘Lettony’, told me: “'Lettony’ is easy and reliable to grow, has good bolting resistance, performs in any soil and stands against all weathers; basically a reliable garden performer. The leaves have a fresh green colour, much reduced bitterness, and are strong against tipburn and downy mildew.

“A gardener can grow a typical full size plant with similar maturity period to ‘Salad Bowl’ in about 80 days during summer, or as a “salad leaf” in about 25 days, or as midi sized plants in 50 days. ‘Lettony’ is most suited to our traditional sowing times of late March to late July outdoors, but cloche/fleecing will extend the season, and ‘Lettony’ can be sown as a salad leaf virtually all year round under glass.”

Seed of Lettuce ‘Lettony’ is available from Thompson & Morgan.


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