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Fuchsia ‘Pour Menneke’: New from Simply Fuchsias

Posted by Graham Rice on 16 Dec 2011 at 04:08 PM

Fuchsia 'Pour Menneke' is a trailing Triphylla fuchsia for baskets. Image ©Simply Fuchsias.Fuchsias are amongst the most impressive of summer flowers for hanging baskets but many trailing varieties tend to have big and blowsy flowers which can be battered by the weather. ‘Pour Menneke’ (left, click to enlarge) is more resilient – and more stylish.

This is a Triphylla fuchsia, with three leaves at each leaf joint instead of the usual two. Another feature of the Triphyllas is that the flowers are long, slender and pendulous and are gathered in prolific clusters.

The tall and upright ‘Thalia’, with its bright orange flowers, is the most familiar fuchsia of this type but is not suitable for baskets. Richard Massey of Simply Fuchsias from Simply Seeds and Plants told me: “’Pour Menneke’ has a more lax habit than ‘Thalia’ so is good in baskets and window boxes as well as in tall pots. Its flowers are approximately 50% longer and also come in a softer orange. It seems to like a sunny position.”

In a basket ‘Pour Menneke’ develops an almost flat habit, the from reddish shoots arching over the sides. The long tubes are daintily slender and the very tip of each petal fades to pale green setting of the soft orange colouring beautifully.

The origins of ‘Pour Menneke’ are uncertain, although it seems to have originated in Belgium. Other than that… Richard Massey found it on one of his plant hunting forays and knew he was on to a winner.

You can order plants of Fuchsia ‘Pour Menneke’ from Simply Fuchsias from Simply Seeds and Plants. It’s only available in limited numbers this season.


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