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Quince ‘Sibley’s Patio Quince’: New from DT Brown

Posted by Graham Rice on 11 Dec 2011 at 01:12 PM

'Sibley's Patio Quince' - new dwarf variety Image © Will SibleyQuinces have been out of fashion. Perhaps because these days people don’t quite know what to do with the fruits, perhaps because some varieties can get a little large for the borders in today’s gardens. But a couple of things have happened which should help us appreciate quinces much more.

In the December issue of The Garden Ian Hodgson has written about quinces and how to grow them, and on the RHS website Mary Berry has provided some delicious quince recipes. This is a big help. But there’s also a new variety intended for patio containers.

‘Sibley’s Patio Quince’ (left, click t enlarge) was developed by fruit grower and breeder Will Sibley who for many years has been working on fruit trees for the home gardener. Will told me: “The fruits are about the size of a tennis ball, quite round and yellow with a full bloom over the whole fruit. They are very sweet for a quince and make superb jelly or can be used in traditional fruit pie recipes.”

The tree develops into a neat standard on a short leg and is ideal for patio containers especially as early in the season there are pinkish flowers. It remains this neat size because not only is the variety itself dwarf, but it’s also grafted on to a dwarfing rootstock so the result is a dwarf tree which also begins to crop when still young. It’s very productive too, and after only three years should be producing around fifty fruits, and ‘Sibley’s Patio Quince’ is also resistant to mildew. Sounds like a great combination of features.

You can order plants of ‘Sibley’s Patio Quince’ from DT Brown.


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