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Clematis Princess Kate: New Texensis Group clematis

Posted by Graham Rice on 02 Oct 2011 at 03:45 PM

Clematis, Princess Kate,‘Zoprika’,Thorncroft. Image ©J. van Zoest B.V.There’s an increasing range of new clematis appearing on the market these days and this latest variety sets itself apart from more familiar and traditional, large-flowered types.

Princess Kate (‘Zoprika’) is a Texensis Group clematis reaching about 10-13ft/3-4m in height and flowering from June to September. The flowers are very distinctive and are lovely both in the garden and also when cut for the house.

Each flower is shaped rather like the blooms of lily-flowered tulips and held upright in the same way. Each is about 2.5in/6cm long and about 1.5in/4cm wide across the tip, and coloured white on the inside and reddish purple with a white edge on the outside. The tip of each flower flares back to reveal the white inside and also show off the reddish purple stamens in the heart of the flower.

This is one of the easiest types of clematis to grow, plants are pruned by simply cutting back hard to about 10in/25cm in spring. Princess Kate is ideal growing up a trellis or arch, or trained into an early flowering shrub like a forsythia where its flowers will brighten up the shrub’s dull summer foliage.

The hybridisation that led to the selection of Princess Kate was done in Holland in 2003 at J. van Zoest B.V this variety chosen from the resulting seedlings in 2006.

You can order plants of Clematis Princess Kate (‘Zoprika’) from Thorncroft Clematis.


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