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Buddleja Miss Ruby: New award-winner from Gardening Express

Posted by Graham Rice on 18 Sep 2011 at 08:45 PM

Buddleja,Miss Ruby,NC2003-22. Image ©www.provenwinners.comIn each of the three years of the recent Wisley trial of buddleias, visitors to the trial were invited to vote for their favourite. Miss Ruby (‘NC2003-22’) won by a mile. The RHS experts who assessed the trial agreed, they were unanimous in giving it an Award of Garden Merit. And now it’s finally available.

This is an interesting hybrid buddleia and is the closet to a true red that we have so far. In fact the flowers are a unique, rich and vivid pink and are carried in rather fat spikes about 41/2 in/11cm long and 11/4in/3cm wide. Each spike lasts about three to four weeks.

Reaching about 61/2ft/2m in height, and about the same width on the good Wisley soil, Miss Ruby is not too large for small gardens – some of the other entries reached an unmanageable 10ft/3m high and up to 13ft/4m wide!

Another appealing feature of Miss Ruby is that its sets almost no seed, so the irritation of self sown seedlings coming up in the cracks in the patio paving or in the mortar of walls is largely avoided. And an experiment in dead-heading during the trial showed how dramatically Miss Ruby benefits from having the old flowers snipped off. Not only does this encourage a longer and more prolific flowering season, but the greyish foliage is fresher and more attractive too.

Miss Ruby is a hybrid involving B. davidii, B. globosa and B. fallowiana and it was created by Dr Denis Werner of the J. C. Raulston Arboretum in North Carolina where he is continuing to develop more exciting new buddleias.

Check out the comprehensive report on the Buddleja trial.

You can order Buddleja Miss Ruby from Gardening Express.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -


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