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Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’: New from Hayloft Plants

Posted by Graham Rice on 15 Sep 2011 at 04:22 PM

Muscari,Pink Sunrise,Hayloft Plants. Image © Visions-BVWe always think of grape hyacinths, Muscari, as coming in various shades of blue or sometimes perhaps white. Now, we have pink.

The flowers of Muscari 'Pink Sunrise' (click the picture to enlarge), crowded into a tight spike in the same way as the more familiar blue-flowered types, are a very pale shade of pink. In fact the unopened flowers are white, as they open they turn pale rose, then as they age they mature close to white again. The result is a delightful, harmoniously coloured and very appealing spike of flowers.

Flowering in April and May on plants abut 6-8in/15-20cm high, ‘Pink Sunrise’ makes a fine container plant, with white or pale blue violas perhaps, and sited by a door or path or gateway visitors will surely appreciate this lovely colour break. It also looks good near the front of the border, especially against a dark mulch.

Always plant in clumps rather than scattering the bulbs more thinly, and never in rows when they will not look at all natural. In clumps the flowers will make the most impact. Give them a liquid feed every two weeks after flowering until the dark green leaves start to fade away and this will help the bulbs bulk up and flower well the following year.

You can order Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’ from Hayloft Plants.


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