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Hosta ‘Captain’s Adventure’: new three-coloured variety

Posted by Graham Rice on 05 Sep 2011 at 01:48 PM

Hosta 'Captain's Adventure','Captain Kirk'. Image ©Heemskerk Vaste PlantenThere’s a whole series of hostas derived from the variety ‘Captain Kirk’, and they all have more or less Star Trek related names. There’s ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Voyager’ and ‘Vulcan’ – and now there’s ‘Captain’s Adventure’. I have to say, the name ‘Captain’s Adventure’ is a bit of a let down… What about ‘Deep Space Nine’ or ‘Klingon Warrior’?

Anyway… It goes like this. First there was the bluish Hosta fortunei var. hyacinthina and from that came ‘Gold Standard’, with green edged gold leaves. This produced ‘Captain Kirk’, with a wider green margin to the heavier leaves and generally a better and more vigorous garden plant. And from ‘Captain Kirk came ‘Captain’s Adventure’.

‘Captain’s Adventure’ is very distinct as not only is each leaf noticeably narrower than its predecessors but each leaf features three different colours. In the centre is a yellow streak; this is bordered on each side by a narrow green zone and then the outer edges of the leaf are cream. It’s similar to its forbears in having pale lavender flowers in mid summer. Expect it to reach about 24in/60cm in width and about 40cm/14in high.

Especially valuable as a container plant, site it by a shady pathway or door where its unusual colouring can best be appreciated.

Found and introduced by Heemskerk Vaste Planten in Holland, you can order Hosta ‘Captain’s Adventure’ from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries.


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