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Heuchera 'Magnum': new, and with huge leaves

Posted by Graham Rice on 22 Aug 2011 at 09:36 PM

Heuchera 'Magnum', huge leaves. Images ©Thierry Delabroye.New heucheras just keep on coming and just when you though there were enough another outstanding new one arrives - and 'Magnum'  certainly looks impressive.

The feature that stands out in this new introduction is the size of the foliage: each leaf is up to 10in/25cm across! With the whole plant reaching a spread of about 18in/45cm and a height of about 12in/30cm this is an impressive plant. The foliage itself is boldly lobed, deep reddish with dark veins and, at times, the silvery overlay we see in so many other varieties.

'Magnum' appreciates partial shade and a fertile but well-drained soil. It would make a splendid container specimen in a sheltered spot and would also work well as specimen in a woodland garden.

'Magnum' was developed at his nursery in northern France by Thierry Delabroye, who with his wife Sandrine, has created more than a dozen heucheras with more on the way. These include some of the best of recent heucheras including 'Caramel' (apricot caramel), 'Miracle' (chartreuse and red) and 'Tiramisu' (honey and plum). Their daughter Perrine (in the picture above, click to enlarge) shows the scale of the foliage.

They have also developed a number of other perennials including many hellebores and Geranium 'Sandrine' and are developing other new perennials.

I looked at some of Thierry Delabroye's earlier varieties on my RHS New Plants blog back in the summer of 2008.

You can buy Heuchera 'Magnum' from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries.


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