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Agastaches: Two new varieties from Jelitto

Posted by Graham Rice on 31 Mar 2011 at 01:03 PM

Agastache,Bolero,Tango,Jelitto,Georg Uebelhart, Image: ©Jelitto Seeds.
For a quick display of masses of flowers in a sunny place you can’t beat agastaches. Although they’re perennials, many flower so quickly from a spring seed sowing that they will flower in their first year. There’s still plenty of time to sow seed, even sown in May they will flower in September.

This season Jelitto Perennial Seeds, the international seed company whose British headquarters is near Cambridge, have two impressive new agastaches, ‘Bolero’ and ‘Tango’. Georg Uebelhart, Jelitto’s General Manager, told me about them.

“Our new agastaches are more vigorous than existing seed varieties and they are also selected for their dense flowering spikes. They have a compact habit and good branching, and a short production time – they’re first year flowering but remain perennial. They are also less expensive than varieties propagated vegetatively, from cuttings, but just as high in quality.

“‘Bolero’ is compact, about 14in/35cm, and richly branched and has abundant brilliant rose-purple tubular blooms with purple calyxes and bronze colored, aromatic foliage. The outstanding bronze colored foliage comes 98% true from seed! The similar ‘Heather Queen’ has about 40% bronze foliage and is also taller and branches poorly.

‘Tango’ has abundant, brilliant, fiery orange flower spikes with attractive, pleasantly aromatic, grey-green foliage. It’s compact and richly branched and is more vigorous than the similar ‘Apricot Sprite’ which is also more variable in colour, less well-branched and needs more growing time to flower.”:

More colours involving a range of species are in development but Jelitto intend only to introduce a limited number of the best, not more than half a dozen.

You can order Agastache ‘Bolero’ and also Agastache ‘Tango’ from Jelitto Seeds.


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