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Osteospermum Flower Power Doubles: New from Suttons

Posted by Graham Rice on 15 Mar 2011 at 05:16 PM

Osteospermum,Flower Power,Double,Suttons. Image ©Selecta KlemmWe’ve grown to appreciate the cheerful daisies of osteospermums in recent years. So many bright colours creating eye-catching summer displays on bushy plants which are the ideal size for a container. And their deep dark foliage sets off the flowers beautifully.

But until now all osteospermums have featured single flowers in the traditional daisy style. Here we see the very first doubles, the Flower Power Doubles (above, click to enlarge). Well, actually, to be more precise: these are not doubles in the usual sense, they’re what are often called anemone-centred and feature a sort of ruff of short tubular petals in the centre of each flower instead of the small dark eye.

The result is flowers which are more intriguing, which repay a closer look than other kinds, but which retain the intense colours and the long flowering season. Also, because of that additional petal tissue in the middle of the flower, the blooms close up less tightly in the evening than other osteospermums so they still provide a little colour as dusk falls.

Reaching about 12in/30cm in height, grow them in containers or soil that is not soggy, and give them plenty of sunshine. They’ll flower through the summer - especially if dead-headed.

The Flower Power Doubles are from the same stable as three other impressive osteospermum series. Three varieties of Flower Power Doubles are now available in a collection from Suttons.


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