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Uncinia rubra Everflame: New ornamental sedge

Posted by Graham Rice on 08 Feb 2011 at 12:58 PM

uncinia,rubra,everflame,belinda’. Image ©Plantipp.euWe’re always on the lookout for attractive new ornamental grasses, and we’re now seeing quite a few appearing with unusually bright and colourful leaves. In fact, Uncinia rubra Everflame (‘Belinda’s Find’) (left, click to enlarge) is a not a true grass but a sedge, although gardeners tend to lump them all together.

Uncinia rubra is a neat, rather upright little plant reaching just 30cm/12in in height with reddish or bronzed foliage and is lovely slowly creeping around dampish parts of the garden. Everflame is a more colourful, dramatically variegated form: each leaf is bronze with vivid bright red margins which gleam in the sun.

One especially valuable feature is that it’s evergreen so this bright colouring persists right through the winter. Grow it at the front of borders that don’t get too dry, near the path where it will stand out, and it’s also an excellent plant for winter containers. Uncinias sometimes become rather tatty in winter, so growing in a container in the shelter of a porch is ideal.

Uncinia rubra Everflame (‘Belinda’s Find’) was bred by Malcolm Woolmore of Lyndale Liners on New Zealand’s North Island, said to be Australasia’s largest propagation nursery.

You can order Uncinia rubra Everflame (‘Belinda’s Find’) from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries, as well as Cottage Garden Flowers. Expect it to be available in a wide range of garden centres in spring.


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