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Apple Redlove® Era®: New from Suttons

Posted by Graham Rice on 15 Jun 2010 at 10:53 PM

Apple,Redlove,Era,Luber,Suttons. Image: ©Suttons.What do we want from a new apple variety? Flavour must be first, and good texture as well. Disease resistance is a big help. It must crop heavily… It helps if it stores well… If it’s a good cooker as well as being a good eater straight off the tree, that’s great… And I always like an apple that simply looks tempting.

Redlove® Era®, new from Suttons today (!), has all this and more. It also has long-lasting deep pink flowers and the flesh of the apples is red too! It even keeps its colour when it’s cooked. Think of it, pink apple pie.

This variety is so new that you can’t even buy it in the supermarket or the greengrocer. It was raised in Switzerland by ace apple breeder Markus Kobelt who spent many years developing it. It’s the first of a series of red-fleshed apples, the Redlove® Series. Apple,Redlove,Era,Luber,Suttons. Image: ©Suttons.

Starting with parents which were disease-resistant and with sweet firm flesh, he spent many years of careful pollination and selection before choosing this unique variety. After all, think how long it takes an apple to go from a germinating seed to a fruit you can taste. And if you’re a plant breeder you may well have to go through this time and again before you get something really good.

The round, medium-sized fruits of Redlove® Era® have a lovely deep red skin. The firm, crisp and juicy red flesh has a hazy white marbling and its flavour has a good balance of sweetness and acidity with berry overtones. The flowers are Apple,Redlove,Era,Luber,Suttons. Image: ©Suttons.unusually long lasting and deep pink in colour and Redlove® Era® is also highly resistant to apple scab – a feature which, which in my garden, is invaluable. It’s ready to eat from the tree around mid September and will store till Christmas.

Redlove® Era® is supplied on an M9 rootstock and will produce an easily managed tree up to about 2.5m (8ft) tall.

It’s red on the outside, red on the inside, the flowers are red and it’s red when it’s cooked! Sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to try it.

Suttons will be bringing you the other two varieties in the Redlove® series before long, as well as other tempting fruits from the same breeder - some of which are already available.

You can order apple Redlove® Era® from Suttons.


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