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Erysimum 'Walberton's Fragrant Star': New in garden centres

Posted by Graham Rice on 24 Mar 2010 at 06:07 PM

Erysimum 'Walberton's Fragrant Star',variegated,wallflower. Image: ©FarplantsLast time I highlighted some new seed-raised perennial wallflowers, this time a new variegated perennial wallflower. And it’s a stunner.

For many years my two favourite perennial wallflowers were the old favourite ‘Bowles Mauve’, which we all know, and the less well known ‘Bredon’. With its rich dark green leaves, bright buttery flowers and lovely fragrance ‘Bredon’ is fine plant.

Then came Walberton’s Fragrant Sunshine (‘Walfrasun’), a seedling of ‘Bredon’ raised by David Tristram, who in recent years has raised a number of fine plants. This is more vigorous, has slightly greyer foliage, larger flower spikes, deep chocolate purple buds and large deep yellow well-scented flowers. It’s a superb plant.Erysimum 'Walberton's Fragrant Star',variegated,wallflower. Image: ©Farplants

Now, in another step forward, there’s a variegated form of Walberton’s Fragrant Sunshine (‘Walfrasun’), it’s called ‘Walberton’s Fragrant Star’ and its appearing for the first time this spring.

Basially, it’s similar to Walberton’s Fragrant Sunshine (‘Walfrasun’) but each leaf has a narrow creamy margin. The result is a plant that is colourful when it’s not in flower and then when the flowers come the variegation and the flower colour are in harmony. And unlike some other variegated wallflowers, it doesn't revert to plain green.

Like all perennial wallflowers it enjoys plenty of sunshine and is best in a fertile but well drained soil. Plant some short, sunloving campanulas around it to create a lovely plant picture. It will also grow well in a container and is superb as a specimen in a terracotta pot, perhaps with trailing campanulas around it.

Erysimum 'Walberton's Fragrant Star' will start to become available next week from The RHS plant centres at Wisley, Harlow Carr, Rosemoor and Hyde Hall, from Haskins, Notcutts, Stephen H. Smith, Squires and Strikes garden centres and from The Potted Garden in Maidstone, Kent.


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