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Osteospermum Falling Stars: New from Thompson & Morgan

Posted by Graham Rice on 09 Feb 2010 at 02:01 PM

Osteospermum Falling Stars 'Sunbrella' trailing, hanging basket, container. Image ©Thompson & Morgan Seeds.In the last decade osteospermums have moved from sprawling more-or-less hardy plants for the front of the sunny border – with a few used in containers – to valuable bushy container plants in a very wide range of colours and flower forms.

Almost all container plants are developing as trailing types as well as bushy types but good trailing osteospermum varieties have been hard to come by. The arrival of Falling Stars (Sunbrella Series) looks to change all that.

As you can see from the picture, the plants knit together well to create a flowering basket in which the plants make a neat rounded display; they never trail down too far – remember those long long Surfinia petunias which only seemed to get in the way?

Another valuable feature is that unlike some of the old creeping varieties, which would trail awkwardly if planted in a basket and show off their fat succulent stems, the stems on Falling Stars, while strong, are relatively thin and unobtrusive. And, actually, I think they’d be worth trying at the front of a sunny border as well – they’d probably make attractive summer ground cover.

Osteospermum Falling Stars 'Sunbrella Taurus' trailing, hanging basket, container. Image ©Thompson & Morgan Seeds.

This season Falling Stars is available in a mixture of three colours: orange, with the petals maturing to yellow at the tips; bright white with a dark eye and bluish on the backs of the petals; vivid purple pink with a bluish eye.

You can order plants of Osteospermum Falling Stars from Thompson & Morgan.


Photo of Osteosprmum 'Taurus' courtesy of Proven Winners -


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