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Cordyline Pink Passion: sparkling new container plant

Posted by Graham Rice on 09 Jan 2010 at 08:45 PM

Cordyline australis 'Pink Passion' - variegated, containers. Image ©Farplants. Do not reproduce without permission.Nurseries have been turning their attention to cordylines this last year or two, and both introducing brand new varieties and picking up existing varieties from other parts of the world and bringing them to British gardeners. One of them, ‘Southern Splendour', was introduced at Chelsea and there's also been another.

Pink Passion (‘Seipin'), which appeared for the first time in the latest RHS PlantFinder and is now turning up in garden centres and even on eBay. Time it got its mention here.

Pink Passion (‘Seipin') is, I have to say, rather a startling colour. Each long and slender leaf is a combination of greyish purple in the centre and pink at the edges with the addition of white and/or beige at the tip and on older leaves and with rich magenta tones. ‘Pacific Coral' may be thought to be similar, but has olive green foliage with pink edges. Spectacular as a container specimen, Pink Passion (‘Seipin') occupies a similar place at the dazzling end of the colour spectrum as the Pennisetum setaceum ‘Fireworks' that I featured last time.

Best used as a specimen in containers - although many cordylines are hardy in many areas, the variegated ones tend to be less hardy and after this week's weather... Containers can be moved into the porch, the conservatory or the garage in this fierce winter weather.

Pink Passion (‘Seipin') was found by Paul Hummel of wholesale growers Seiont Nurseries as a sport on a batch of the old favourite Cordyline australis ‘Red Star' at a tissue culture laboratory at Myerscough College in Lancashire in 2002.

Cordyline australis ‘Pink Passion' is available from these RHS PlantFinder nurseries, from and, as I write at least, on



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