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Graham Rice Garden writer and plantsman Northamptonshire and Pennsylvania

Editor-in-Chief of the RHS Encyclopedia of Perennials; writer for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including The Garden and The Plantsman; member of the RHS Herbaceous Plant Committee and Floral Trials Committee; author of many books on plants and gardens.

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Hampton Court '09: All the new plants!

Posted by Graham Rice on 20 Jul 2009 at 11:02 PM

Agapanthus 'Megan's Mauve' - New at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Image: ©GardenPhotos.comHere's the full list of new plants at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The links go to the blog posts in whichthe plants are featured - except in one or two cases where I never quite tracked down the informagtion or (gulp) forgot to take a picture! And in the case of some of the agapanthus the rain washed my notes to a smudge! So the link goes to the raiser's website. There are just under a hundred in all. Again, sorry but life's too short to put in the all the italics for the botanical names.

Thanks to all the people who took time out from preparing their exhiibits to help me with info on their new plants and to Martin Mulchinock for shooting the rose pictures.

Agapanthus ‘Blue Ice'
Agapanthus - sport of 'Lilliput'
Agapanthus ‘Margaret'
Agapanthus ‘Megan's Mauve'  (above)
Agapanthus ‘Northern Star' 
Agapanthus 'Spearmint'
Agapanthus 'Taw Valley'
Agapanthus ‘Yorkshire Dream' 
Allium ‘ Universe' 
Allium ‘Bizar' 
Allium ‘Carlito' 
Allium ‘Dready' 
Alocasia wentii ‘Aline' 
Alocasia wentii ‘Victory' 
Astrantia major ‘Penny's Pink'
Athyrium ‘Ocean's Fury' 
Aubergines - grafted 

Campanula poscharskyana 'Pinkins'  - New at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Image: ©

Campanula poscharskyana 'Pinkins'  (left)
Chrysanthemum ‘Husky' 
Coreopsis ‘Rum Punch' 
Crocosmia ‘Tamar Glow' 
Crocosmia ‘Zeal Remembrance' 
Cucumbers - grafted 
Dahlia ‘Knockout' 
Dahlia ‘Meteor' 
Dahlia 'Twyning's Revel'
Dionaea muscipula ‘B52'
Dionaea muscipula ‘Bohemian Garnet' 
Dionaea muscipula ‘Sawtooth'
Disa ‘Pink Gem‘ 
Disa ‘Margaret Hurrell'


Echinacea purpurea ‘Meringue' 
Echinacea purpurea ‘Milkshake'
Echinacea purpurea ‘Pink Sorbet' 

Fuchsia ‘Rivindell' 
Fuchsia ‘Suffolk Splendour' 
Garlic ‘Picardy Wight'
Garlic ‘Provence Wight' 

Gaura ‘Vanilla' 
Gladiolus ‘Orlando Green' 
Gladiolus ‘Sugar Babe' 
Gladiolus tristis - two unnamed hybrids (below)

Gladiolus tristis hybrid - New at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Image:

Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'  
Heuchera 'Electra'  
Heuchera ‘Fire Chief' 
Heuchera ‘Lime Marmalade' 
Heuchera 'Milan' 
Heuchera ‘Mysteria' 
Heuchera ‘Paris' 
Heuchera ‘Plum Royale' 
Heuchera ‘Sugar Plum' 
x Heucherella ‘Golden Zebra'
x Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea'

Hosta ‘Dixie Chickadee' 
Hosta 'Dixie Crystal'
Hosta ‘Extasy' 
Hosta ‘Heart and Soul' 
Hosta ‘Ice Prancer' 
Hosta ‘Little Willie' 
Hosta ‘Spartacus' 
Hosta ‘Star Light Star Bright' 
Kohleria ‘Sunshine' 
Lilium - range of new unnamed seedlings 
Melons - grafted 
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Abundance' 

Phalaenopsis 'Tzu Chiang Balm' - New at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Image: ©

Papaver ‘Gentle Rosalind'
Pelargonium ‘Berkswell Flair'
Pelargonium ‘Berkswell Urchin'
Pelargonium ‘Monty's Magic'
Peppers - grafted
Petunia ‘Littletunia Donna Louise'
Petunia ‘Littletunia Julia'
Phalaenopsis 'Tzu Chiang Balm' (left)
Rocket ‘Oakley'

Rose ‘Abbie's Rose' 
Rose ‘Bride and Groom' 
Rose ‘Durrell' 
Rose Absolutely Fabulous ('Wekvossutono') 
Rose 'Celebration Time' 
Rose 'Desmond Tutu'  
Rose Dorothy House 
Rose Josephine ('Weksiamia') 
Rose 'Leah Tutu'   (below)
Rose Pink Perfection (‘Korpauvio') 
Rose Rebecca Mary (‘Dicjury') 
Rose 'Red Hat Lady'
Rose 'Super Trouper'

Rose 'Leah Tutu' - New at the 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show . Image: ©RHS

Rubus pseudoacer
Rubus reflexus var. lanceolobus 
Strawberry ‘EM 1119' 
Tiarella ‘Mystic Mist' 
Trachycarpus ‘Naggy' 
Verbena ‘Strawberry Kiss' 



Dermot said:

That is an amazing list! Such a great mix from new hybrids to obscure new species fresh from the wilds of China. I'll be spending the next few days reading up on them.

on 22 Jul 2009 at 02:19 PM

Graham Rice said:

Hope you enjoy reading about all these newcomers, Dermot. Let me know which you like best.

on 30 Jul 2009 at 03:46 PM