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The Palm Centre: New at Hampton Court ‘09

Posted by Graham Rice on 13 Jul 2009 at 06:24 AM

Trachycarpus 'Naggy'. Image: ©GardenPhotos.comThe 2009 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show finally finished yesterday and today the weary exhibitors, some of whom worked late into the night dismantling their exhibits, prepare to head home. And your weary correspondent sets out on his last day of reports on the new plants seen at the Show.

In the Floral Marquee, every Trachycarpus species that exists was on display from The Palm Centre and they also showed a new hybrid palm not seen before. To be honest, everyone is still a little uncertain quite what Trachycarpus ‘Naggy' is going to look like as it matures - all the plants that exist are too young to be anything like mature.

The new hybrid has T. nanus from China as the seed-bearing parent with T. wagnerianus from Japan the pollen parent. Barry Shobbrook, the Nursery Manager at The Palm Centre, told me: "We just wanted to see what would happen. The first seeds came three years ago but of course it will be many years before we how the plants will finally turn out."

Early signs are that the plants have taken on the short stature of the smallest of all these palms, T. nanus, with the short leaves of T. wagnerianus - sounds like a splendid container plant to me.

Plants of this new hybrid palm were on sale at the Show, and can also be ordered online from The Palm Centre website.



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