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Pine Cottage Plants (Part Two): New at Hampton Court '09

Posted by Graham Rice on 09 Jul 2009 at 03:40 PM

Agapanthus 'Blue Ice'. Image: GardenPhotos.comI looked at one of the new introductions from Pine Cottage Plants at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in the run-up to the show but National Collection holder Richard Fulcher also had two more of his new introductions on show.

Agapanthus ‘Blue Ice', which has been overlooked when exhibited previously, is related to A. praecox with large heads of large flowers over a long period. Each individual floret is bright blue at the very base just above the point where its meets its individual stalk but this colouring quickly changes to a cool blue-tinted white that is a very sharp shade.

The foliage is evergreen and strikingly purple-tinted at the base.

Agapanthus 'Megan's Mauve'. Image: GardenPhotos.comAlso from Pine Cottage Plants is Agapanthus ‘Megan's Mauve', another A. praecox type and in another distinctive flower colour. Each floret opens from purple buds to florets which are not quite white - white with a faint mauve tint - but each lobe of the flower is marked by a bold mauve stripe.

This too is evergreen and Richard Fulcher says it's especially good in pots; it looked splendid in its pot on the exhibit. And it was my impression that, compared with many varieties on the exhibit, it had more florets open at once than other varieties.

You can buy plants of these agapanthus at the show or online at the Pine Cottage Plants website.



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