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Glens Garden: New at Hampton Court ‘09

Posted by Graham Rice on 09 Jul 2009 at 01:05 AM

Gladiolus 'Sugar Babe'. Image: GardenPhotos.comThe dramatic exhibit of gladioli from Glen's Garden of Hull won a well-deserved Silver-Gilt Medal at this week's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and was home to two bright new varieties.

The blooms were staged in the traditional style: cut stems arranged in a fan, each restricted to just one variety, with the individual spikes selected so that plenty of flowers were open - but not so that so many flowers were open that the oldest would by dying before the end of the show on Sunday. The fans of individual varieties were arranged in tiers to create an exhibit that caught the eye from the other side of the tent. Two new introductions were featured.

On the topmost row Gladiolus ‘Sugar Babe' (above, click to enlarge) stood out for its vivid but subtle colouring. The buds emerge in a bright coral shade that approaches salmon pink then as the flowers open the slightly rippled petals mature to rose pink with a hint of salmon at the edges, shading to a creamier colouring, and with rose tones emerging again in the throat. Many gladioli are so powerfully coloured that they're difficult to blend with other blooms in a flower arrangement but ‘Sugar Babe' will blend well with many other pastel shades.

Gladiolus 'Orlando Green'. Image: GardenPhotos.comOn the lowest row, right at the front, was another newcomer - Gladiolus ‘Orlando Green'. Another great partner for other flowers, the buds emerge a fresh bright green then soon take on paler and slightly lemony tones and finally open to white with a slightly green haze. The colouring deepens to creamy yellow towards the throat and then becomes greener in the throat itself. Finally, as the flowers fully mature, the outer set of three petals develops a few reddish tints towards the tips. I'm sure the Gladiolus purists really hate the emergence of this extra colour - but I rather like it.

For information on ordering these gladioli contact Glens Garden on 01964 670720.



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