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Editor-in-Chief of the RHS Encyclopedia of Perennials; writer for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including The Garden and The Plantsman; member of the RHS Herbaceous Plant Committee and Floral Trials Committee; author of many books on plants and gardens.

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ALL the new plants at Chelsea '09

Posted by Graham Rice on 29 May 2009 at 09:15 PM

Cordyline 'Southern Splendour'. Image: RHSFor the very last post in my coverage of the new plants seen at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, here's my final list. It contains an amazing one hundred and twelvr (yes, 112) new plants.

I've taken all the announcements in the press releases with a bucket of salt, poked around the show for a few days, talked to lots of people, done some checking and come up with this list. Some great new plants this year, many of them discussed in the previous posts here starting on 1 May. If I hear of more, or discover that any are not new after all, I'll amend this list so it will always be the most up-to-date version.

(Sorry, life's just too short to put in all the italics for the botanical names!)

Later: I've just put all the links in (7 June - that's it, all done.) Click on the plant name to go to its coverage on this blog (which may be extensive or sometimes little more than a mention). Click on the nursery name to go to the nursery's website.

Acer japonicum 'Harvest Moon'   Hippopottering Nursery
Acer palmatum 'Ruubi inju'   Hippopottering Nursery
Actaea pachypoda 'Pewter and Pearls'   Hardy Plant Society
Adenophora triphylla Albiflora Group   Hardys Cottage Garden Plants
Allium Atlas'   W S Warmenhoven
Allium 'Purple Rain'  W S Warmenhoven
Allium stipitatum 'Mont Blanc'  W S Warmenhoven
Allium 'Utopia'   Devine Nurseries
Allium 'Venus'  W S Warmenhoven
Antirrhinum 'Appeal Sunset'   The Sun
Begonia 'Big Red'   The Sun

Begonia 'Millie'   Blackmore and Langdon
Camassia 'Avon's Stellar Hybrids'   Avon Bulbs
Camassia 'Broadleigh Belle'   Broadleigh Gardens
Chamaelobivia 'Lincoln Sunshine'   Southfield Nurseries
Chrysanthemum 'Anastasia Pink Improved'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Artistry Pink Improved'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Bacardi Pearl'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Biaritz'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Dance'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Le Man'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Pink Lollipop'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Posh Pink'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Regan Improved'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Santini Pink'   Graeme Iddon
Chrysanthemum 'Tim Wonnacott'   Chrysanthemums Direct
Clematis  FleuriTM ('Evipo042')   Raymond Evison Clematis
Clematis ChevalierTM ('Evipo040')  Raymond Evison Clematis
Clematis Diana's DelightTM ('Evipo026')  Raymond Evison Clematis
Clematis 'Geoffey Tolver'   Thorncroft Clematis Nursery
Clematis 'Gojogawa'  Thorncroft Clematis Nursery
Clematis Ooh La LaTM ('Evipo041')  Raymond Evison Clematis
Clematis 'Temptation'  Thorncroft Clematis Nursery
Cordyline 'Southern Splendour' (illustrated above)   Hillier Nurseries
Cordyline 'Sunrise'   Hillier Nurseries

Dahlia 'Joe Swift'   Winchester Growers
Dahlia 'Perfect Partner'  Winchester Growers
Dahlia 'Revive'  Winchester Growers
Dianthus 'Odessa Red'  The Sun
Digitalis purpurea 'Candy Mountain'   The Sun
Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Split'   The Sun
Eryngium 'Supernova Starlight'   Graeme Iddon
Erythronium 'Harvington Wild Salmon'   Harvey's Garden Plants
Fragaria (Strawberry) 'Fenella'  Ken MNuir
Fuchsia 'Valerie Bradley'   The Sun
Geranium phaeum 'Mottisfont Rose'   Hardy Plant Society
Geranium sylvaticum 'Hilary'   Hardys Cottage Garden Plants
Ginkgo biloba 'Pixie'   Big Plant Nursery

xHeucherella 'Tapestry'   Solva Plants/Heucheraholics
Impatiens 'Dezire Sunrise'   The Sun
Iris 'Bel Avenir'   Cayeux Iris
Iris 'Broadleigh Eleanor'   Broadleigh Gardens
Iris 'Broadleigh Fenella'  Broadleigh Gardens
Iris 'Coeur d'Or'  Cayeux Iris
Iris 'Nuits de Noces'  Cayeux Iris
Lavandula 'Flaming Purple'   Downderry Nursery
Lavandula stoechas 'Dark Royalty' Isle of Wight Lavender
Lilium 'Bacardi'   H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Candy Floss'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Dark Sensation'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Flashpoint'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Frankfurt'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Garden Society'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Gizmo'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Hyde Park'   Hart's Nursery
Lilium 'Jetamie'  H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Joop'   H W Hyde & Son
Lilium 'Melissimo'   Harts Nursery
Lilium 'Starburst'  H W Hyde & Son

Lobelia 'Hot Tiger'   The Sun
Lupinus 'Beefeater'   Westcountry Nurseries
Nemesia 'Little Dazzler'   Penhow Nurseries (no website)
Paeonia 'Shintenchi'   Kelways
Petunia ‘Fanfare Blue'   The Sun
Petunia ‘Fanfare Red'   The Sun
Petunia ‘Fanfare White'   The Sun
Petunia ‘Veranda Blue   The Sun
Petunia ‘Veranda Yellow'   The Sun
Primula japonica 'Cherry Blossom'   Culm View Nursery
Rhododendron 'Pink Sunset'   Millais Nurseries

Rosa Allisar, Princess of Phoenicia ('Harsidon')   Harkness Roses
Rosa Equity ('Harplayer')  Harkness Roses
Rosa Girlguiding UK Centenary Rose ('Harnova')  Harkness Roses
Rosa 'Grosvenor House'   Peter Beales Roses
Rosa High Sheriff 2009 ('Hartabard')  Harkness Roses
Rosa 'Highgrove'   Peter Beales Roses
Rosa Kew Gardens ('Ausfence')   David Austin Roses
Rosa Lady of Shalott (Ausnyson')   David Austin Roses
Rosa Persian Mystery ('Hartroy')  Harkness Roses
Rosa Robert Winston ('Harsnup')  Harkness Roses
Rosa Tam O' Shanter (Auscerise')   David Austin Roses
Rosa The Sun and the Heart ('Hartyre')  Harkness Roses
Rosa The Wedgewood Rose ('Ausjosiah')   David Austin Roses
Rosa 'Victoria Pendleton'  Harkness Roses
Rosa 'Weaver's Way'  Peter Beales Roses

Runner bean 'St George'   The Sun
Scabiosa africana 'Jocelyn'   Hardys Cottage Garden Plants
Streptocarpus gardenii   City of Durban
Streptocarpus 'Hannah'   Dibleys Nursery
Streptocarpus 'Hope'   Dibleys Nursery
Streptocarpus 'Lucy'   Dibleys Nursery
Sweet pea 'Geoff Hughes'   Eagle Sweet Peas
Sweet pea 'Kiera Madeline'   Eagle Sweet Peas
Sweet pea 'Leominster Boy'   Eagle Sweet Peas

Tulipa 'Cosmic Dancer'   Blom's Bulbs
Tulipa 'Danceline'  Blom's Bulbs
Tulipa 'Drumline'  Blom's Bulbs
Tulipa 'Grand Perfection'  Blom's Bulbs
Tulipa 'Green Star'  Blom's Bulbs
Tulipa 'White Touche'  Blom's Bulbs
Zantedeschia 'Captain Florida'  Jacques Amand International
Zinnia 'Zahara'   The Sun

I mentioned some plants flagged as "new" which were not new at all recently, here's another issue. Heuchera 'Havana Cat' appears in some Chelsea new plants coverage but this is the result of a silly mistake. Plantagogo sent the BBC a picture of a new heuchera they expected to have at the show. The name of the image file was heucherahavanacat09.jpg - the "cat' part of the file name was short for "catalogue" and the BBC didn't get it. As it happens, the plant wasn't in peak condition so it didn't make it to the show anyway!

Normal New Plants service will now be resumed - roll on Hampton Court when I'll be repeating this crazy enterprise! 


Foxnfirefly said:

I know that Acer "Harvest Moon" is not really new--it's been available here for several years now, and I think it goes by another name of "August Moon, but I am not sure about that.  I think that most of the Alliums also are here, but I have never heard of any of those lilies and would love to see pictures of them!

on 05 Jun 2009 at 04:32 AM

Graham Rice said:

I don't think 'Autumn Moon' and 'Harvest moon' are the same thing. 'Harvest Moon' is a form of A. japonicum and certainly seems to be new while 'Autumn Moon' is a form of A. shirasawanum and has been around for some time.

on 05 Jun 2009 at 01:04 PM