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New echinacea and sedum in the RHS Plant Finder

Posted by Graham Rice on 26 Apr 2009 at 12:42 PM

Echinacea 'Tomato Soup'. Image ©Terra Nova NurseriesTwo more hot new perennials today, the second and third of the nurseries' favourites in the new RHS Plant Finder. Only one of this year's newcomers is listed by more nurseries - and we'll get to that next time.  Both these two are excellent plants, and both were raised at Terra Nova Nurseries over in Portland Oregon.

First ‘Tomato Soup', one of the latest echinaceas raised by Harini Kaliparan and a truly dramatic tomato red colour. And it's that colour which is so outstanding, made even more striking by the fact that the flowers can be up to 12.5cm/5in across. Just be sure to give the plant good winter drainage and, perhaps, a little discreet support as it reaches 90cm/3ft in height.

Sedum 'Mr Goodbud'. Image ©Terra Nova NurseriesOne of the stars of the recent Sedum trial that ended in 2006 (read the Sedum Trials Bulletin here) was ‘Mr Goodbud'. Raised by Gary Gossett, it's a neat and bushy hybrid between S. spectabile ‘Brilliant' and an unnamed form of S. telephium. The trial revealed that it flowers from early August to mid October, its bright pink flowers held on dark sturdy stems. It's also more compact and sturdier than more familiar varieties like ‘Autumn Joy'. The general consensus was that Sedum ‘Mr Goodbud' was outstanding.

Both these two American perennials from the world's leading breeder of new perennials are now proving deservedly popular.

Order Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries

Order Sedum ‘Mr Goodbud’ from these RHS Plant Finder nurseries



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