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RHS Flower Shows

Behind the scenes information from our flower shows

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  • It's Gardening Jim, But Not As We Know It

    Posted by Tony Smith on 13 Jul 2010 at 04:27 PM

    We arrived, or should I say landed, at Tatton yesterday morning at 8am Earth time! When I say we, that's me and Rob with his digger. Having marked out the site we spent the day creating the most realistic impact crater I have seen in ages!

    Now I am back in Sussex preparing my garden for a film shoot that will hopefully form part of a new Alan Titchmarsh series to be broadcast on BBC2 in the autumn


  • Tatton Park Day 2

    Posted by Pip Probert on 12 Jul 2010 at 09:58 PM

    The start of the build always feels like you can't really do much, or that you are not really going as fast as you would like - but in fact you are getting all the really important and necessary things done.  The things that you won't even see, but they have to be there.

    We have been building our walls, which are quite complicated as we have Ivy panels being set into them.  I have been to Congleton today to collect the ivy and the walls have been built around the panels


  • Tatton Park 2010 - Day 1

    Posted by Pip Probert on 11 Jul 2010 at 07:08 PM

    Today was the first time we actually stood on our plot.  Looking around the site, there is already lots of activity and I got the feeling it is going to be a fantastic show.  There are lots of familiar faces looking very fresh and raring to go.  We have scraped the surface layer off our plot and marked out ready for tomorrow.  Today has mostly been putting the finishing touches together on certain parts of the scheme ready for loading the vehicles for tomorrow.  I have just finished putting the wood into the van and packed the pick up with tools ready for a very early start tomorrow.  I am constantly keeping an eye on the plants and Cathrine (my supplier) is doing her normal, fantastic job of sending me photos of all the plants so I really can keep tabs on everything whilst at the show.

    Well I think an early night is in order ready for the week ahead!


  • A View From The Other Side

    Posted by Tony Smith on 10 Jul 2010 at 09:32 PM

    I visited Hampton Court Show on Tuesday as a visitor rather than an exhibitor for the first time in 5 years. I have to say it felt strange not to be exhibiting, but at the same time enjoyable not to have the pressure and stress that comes with creating a show garden.

    The conceptual gardens were a revelation; by far the most impressive element of the show this year. The quality of both the finishing and the thinking behind the gardens was great to see. Well done to all the conceptual designers for putting on such a quality show. Truly inspiring!

  • Delivering one of the Girlguiding UK Containers to Hampton Court, did it survive the journey?!

    Posted by Lydia Powell on 09 Jul 2010 at 09:09 PM

    The 32nd All Saints Kettering Rainbows delivered their flower display to Hampton Court - it survived the rough ride very well in the van!

    All the Rainbows were really delighted to be having a day off school to go and visit the flower show


  • 6th Teddington Guides' Sunflower Success

    Posted by Lydia Powell on 09 Jul 2010 at 09:04 PM

    Anna from 6th Teddington Guides' sunflower growing story:

    Volunteers were needed to grow sunflowers which might be good enough to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show.  Mum said we could volunteer as we plant lots of seeds anyway.
    We took the seeds away with us during the Easter Holidays and planted them in the little pots.  We put them on the window sill to sunbathe and gave them lots to drink.  After the school holidays we brought them home and put them in Mum's mini greenhouse.  Only two of the six seeds germinated.  I kept them in the mini greenhouse to protect them from frosts and slugs!
    When they had grown quite abit Mum gave me some bigger pots.  It was tricky changing them into the bigger pots trying not to spoil them. We put them outside and watered them every day. Mum's friend came to water them when we went away at half term!
    It looks like they will have lots of flowers on them.  They aren't really tall like the ones we usually grow.  Mum explained that's because they are dwarf sunflowers. I really hope they will be in the Show


  • Visitors love the Girlguiding UK garden at Hampton Show!

    Posted by Philippa Pearson on 09 Jul 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Opening week at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and visitors are loving the garden! It's great to hear the positive response and see the garden come alive with people walking through it. Guiding volunteers are on hand to give more information to visitors and to answer questions - and we've had quite a range asked


  • We're Nearly There!

    Posted by Pip Probert on 04 Jul 2010 at 08:00 PM

    Part of me is envious of the Show Gardens starting to build this weekend, as I am normally there, first in the queue to get in!  Yet the other part is quite happy that we have another week to just finalise any last minute details and get prepared to take the garden to Tatton.

    This week has been confirmation time - all orders have been checked and product details confirmed.  I have had lots of meetings with various people, where we have pieced together parts of the garden to ensure that everything is going to plan


  • Guiding Centenary garden at Hampton Court Show looking good

    Posted by Philippa Pearson on 30 Jun 2010 at 10:26 PM


  • Eurofleurs Update

    Posted by Dennis van Wonderen on 30 Jun 2010 at 07:22 PM
    Bored of the Eurovision Song contest?  Yawning at the thought of the World Cup?  Well, it’s all about the battle of the buds in 2010, as Europe’s most talented florists compete to be named champion at the final of Eurofleurs 2010 taking place at the RHS Show Tatton Park (21-25 July). Eurofleurs is organised by FLORINT, the international organisation of florists, representing the national organisations of 20 European countries, created with the intention of bringing together the different nations as well as raising the profile of up and coming floristry talent. The competition began in 1998 and rapidly established itself as one of the highlights of the international floristry calendar.  It takes place every four years, with a different member country hosting each final. As a celebration of new creativity in the industry, it’s only open to florists under the age of 25, all of which have to undergo a series of tough trials in their own country before being selected as the candidate to represent their nation in the final.  Only one applicant from each country can reach the final. Although England’s chances in the World Cup have proved to be unsuccessful, Eurofleurs 2010 will be a guaranteed opportunity to celebrate, with this year’s event being organised by the BFA and taking place at the North West’s horticultural highlight, the RHS Show Tatton Park. Flying the flag for Britain will be Joe Massie from Liverpool, who is tipped to go all the way and help banish the blues of past Eurovision singing disasters.  Joe has an excellent floral pedigree having already won at five national competitions including RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year.  He has often been referred to as the most talented florist of his generation. In pursuit of the top prize, Joseph and his competitors will be set five tasks, each themed around the concept of “art at Tatton”, which they will have to complete at the show within the British Florist Association Marquee.  Tatton Park is one of the most historic estates in the UK, with over 50 acres of gardens to inspire the young competitors.  The display will have to demonstrate both their creativity and technical ability to make sure they don’t receive nil points from the judges. Visitors to the RHS Show Tatton Park will be able to visit the marquee during the competition and see how the contestants’ work is progressing.  The competition will commence the day before the show opens (20th July) and visitors will be able to see the contestants’ work displayed until Friday 23 July. 

    The fate of the competitors then rests in the hands of members of the UK floristry judges guild, plus international judges from FLORINT who will decide who has what it takes to walk away with the Eurofleurs cup and be named 2010 champion! The judging panel is made up of European representation including; Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Croatia and Italy