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Blackboard plant pots and Yellow Book openings

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 04 Jun 2014 at 08:09 PM


For such relatively small people, children really do have enormous egos.  I mean they can be incredibly cute, winning and sweet-natured but, let's face it there's a lot of "Me, me, me, me MEEEE" about them.

This often manifests itself in them writing their name on everything, at all possible opportunities - in the sand, on misty windows, in permanent marker on playroom walls (which is also the point where they realise the downside of putting their own name down rather than forging the signature of an annoying sibling).

I like to encourage this 'mark making' (which has a slightly better ring to it than 'graffiti') - especially in the garden, We have outdoor blackboards and the kids also use coloured chalks to make pictures on the paving slabs.  However, I now have a new idea: blackboard plant pots.

This is a great way to update old terracotta pots or just give news ones a different look.  Plus, once you've wiped off the chalk each time, they almost look quite sophisticated - you know, for those evenings when you sit outside with a glass of wine and pretend, for a few stolen moments, that you are more than just someone's parent..... 

Sorry - I drifted away for a second there.

You only need one or two coats of blackboard paint to get the look.  I've not given them a whole season outside yet, but they should hold up pretty well - the most likely wear and tear is from chipping rather than rain. 

The small ones we did were just some cheap pots from Wilkos I bought a few weeks ago but the larger containers actually give a greater size of canvas so could be more fun.

Oh - and if you hadn't noticed, I've put a subliminal reminder on some of the pots of my garden opening for the NGS (AKA the Yellow Book).  It's this weekend.  There will be cake. There - I think that's covered off all the important points.




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