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Snail racing

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 17 Apr 2014 at 10:36 AM

Snail race2
My eldest son is a real wildlife lover.

This is mostly a good thing.  It means he's always keen to get outdoors to check on his pond or insect shelter and he can identify far more birds and butterflies than I can manage.

But then there are the snails. We have rather a lot in this garden and they are particularly prevalent in the veg patch.  They cluster behind the box hedges that line my raised beds which is fine by me because they makes them easier to find... and eliminate.  

Except I can't.

Oscar is usually somewhere close by and harming any sort of creature in his presence is not a wise move.  He has been known to cry over the fate of a severed worm and the day he saw Eric, our cat, with a mouse I thought he might need therapy.

So instead we have begun snail racing.  

It is perfect.  The kids get to select their competitors (from the veg patch) and relocate them to the race circles (conveniently situated very far away from any tender young plants).  And then, as you will see in this fillm, general mayhem can begin.

When I included 'Hold a Snail Race' in my book, I was terribly responsible and added the sage advice to 'always remember to return them to where they were found'.  It's fair to say I didn't follow my own directions on this one.  And I don't care how fast 'Speedy the Snail' is, I'm pretty sure he's not made it back to my lettuce patch... yet.


Miranda Hodgson said:

As children, me and my brothers once held a snail race on the steps of a hotel in Marrakesh. We had loads of them that we'd found in the plants growing around the front door of the hotel and set them off, a few to each step. The hotel staff were not impressed.

on 22 Apr 2014 at 12:10 PM