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101 Things For Kids To Do Outside

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 28 Mar 2014 at 08:44 PM

This has been quite a momentous week.  Not just because we now know who is in the semi final for The Great British Sewing Bee (poor David - so near and yet so far) but also because my new book was officially published.

It is borne of years of persuading my kids to join me in the garden. And no, it's not just about gardening (although you know me - I've managed to slip in everything from home brewed plant tonics and edible flowers, to mini rockeries and pumpkin autographs).  This is because I think we can't sell pure gardening to kids before we've sold them on something bigger - being outside.

So this is my attempt to stop every child in their tracks the moment they utter that knee jerk phrase "but there's nothing to do outside", because do you know what? There is SO much to do outside.  In fact I give you.... 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside (with the odd link to the original inspiration):

1. Weave a bird's nest

2. Take the matchbox challenge

3. Plant an alpine colander

4. Learn semaphore

5. Weave a twig fence

6. Set up a potion lab

7. Grow a potato tower

8. Hold a scavenger hunt

9. Build a mini rockery

10. Play skipping games

11. Plant a mobile herb garden

12. Make nature rubbings

13. Build a bird hide

14. Grow a rainbow salad wheel

15. Go on a bear hunt

16. Make a log walkway

17. Decorate the lawn

18. Plant a climbing bean wigwam

19. Brew your own plant food

20. Build a crawl tunnel

21. Harvest and dry herbs

22. Make a twig plant pot

23. Start a mini vegetable garden

24. Paint with water

25. Play tag games

26. Plant a lettuce ball

27. Arrange some flowers

28. Make outdoor bunting

29. Grow and autograph a pumpkin

30. Play jingle jangle

31. Make new plants

32. Construct a water wall

33. Hold a mini Olympics

34. Make a butterfly feeder

35. Build a human sundial

36. Go crabbing

37. Create a paving stone gallery

38. Play splash

39. Sweep for bugs

40. Construct a stumpery

41. Cook with sun

42. Set up camp

43. Make a nature walk bracelet

44. Capture animal tracks

45. Play water balloon pinata

46. Sign with nature

47. Go pond dipping

48. Hold a ball battle

49. Do the laundry

50. Explore with an underwater viewer

51. Have a blindfold shootout

52. Paint outside

53. Play Arctic dress up

54. Make a sand ball run

55. Build a pitfall trap

56. Play cross step

57. Make flower fairies

58. Play human croquet

59. Weave a wreath

60. Make a wind clunk

61. Stage an open-air play

62. Play beach games

63. Build a mud pie kitchen

64. Make a weather vane

65. Play water balloon toss

66. Trail ants

67. Create a moonlight garden

68. Hold a snail race

69. Make a mini wildlife pond

70. Use a pooter

71. Hold your own flower and produce show

72. Spot moths

73. Create autumn leaf art

74. Plant a bulb bucket

75. Fly a homemade kite

76. Play the autumn treasure memory game

77. Watch worms work

78. Blow giant bubbles

79. Play torch tag

80. Collect flower seeds

81. Make autumn crowns

82. Play sevensies

83. Make a rain gauge

84. Create your own nature exhibit

85. Host an outdoor Halloween feast

86. Take a penny hike

87. Enjoy a paper bug hunt

88. Go stargazing

89. Create wellie fashion

90. Catch autumn leaves

91. Balance stones

92. Play shark

93. Paint rocks that rock

94. Try French cricket

95. Build a snow lantern

96. Make a snow labyrinth

97. Create a mini igloo

98. Paint snow

99. Rustle up a bird feast

100. Make twig stars

101. Play sky spy



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