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Look! Pretty flowers! It must be a blog post all about pretty flowers...

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 25 Mar 2014 at 07:53 PM

See what I did there?  That's right, I lured you in with a pretty picture of flowers when really what I want to talk about is MULCH!  But, you know, it doesn't look that pretty - or sound particularly attractive - hence the subterfuge.

However as unappealing as it may sound, mulch is quite simply the most important element of a successful family garden.

Why?  Well, you know when the sun shines, and you suddenly remember that a) you have a garden and b) you rather fancy relaxing or playing in it, mulching is what allows you to do just that. 

That's because the act of covering your beds in a thick layer of organic compost (my favourite form of mulch) a this time of year means that you've trapped in all the moisture for the rest of the season.  So guess what? You don't have to water the borders (unless you've just planted them) and that's saved you hours of traipsing around with watering cans or watching the water meter dial creep up at an alarming rate.

Oh, and pure organic matter is not a happy place for weed seeds.  Too much of a good thing if you will. Which means less weeds and, in turn, at least eighty percent less weeding (actually I completely made that figure up but you get the gist - less weeding; more lying about on a hammock).

Plus the compost will gradually be taken down into the earth by worms to improve your soil and feed your plants. This means everything will thrive and friends and family will gaze in wonder and say things like "oh your anemones are a triumph, Sylvia - how do you do it?" (well, they will if you find yourself trapped in an Agatha Christie novel anyway).

In fact, there is almost no down side to mulching.  Oh, except when you need to find time to do it.  Or when you don't quite catch the lorry driver in time and he piles the bags of mulch on top of each other and you find yourself filling wheelbarrows from three metres up.  Apart from that it's a doddle.


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