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Christmas trees: the makeover

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 13 Mar 2014 at 04:03 PM


Three years ago I bought a potted Christmas tree.  It had a price tag that made me audibly suck in air and quickly calculate how many bottles of wine could be purchased for the same amount (a perfectly reasonable exchange rate mechanism to my mind).  However, it was Christmas, and I really wanted the tree, so I bought it anyway.

Ever since though I have divided the price by the Christmases served to justify the purchase, potting it on each spring to keep it going for another twelve months.  But sadly, the rest of the year, it is not particularly enticing: no spring blossom, no autumn colour, no berries, no fruit.

So I thought we might give it a little makeover.

This is why the kids and I spent the other afternoon painting old pine cones in acrylic paint colours.  I had put a quick undercoat on them first so the colours had a bit more 'zing' (technical term). Finally, we wrapped a little piece of wire on each and loosely attached them to the tree (tight wire could damage the stems).

You can see the results (and messy process) in this film.  It also covers another essential seasonal decoration - goat willow stems... hung with eggs, chicks and rabbits (although as Archie quite rightly pointed out, "rabbits don't go on trees").




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