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Downsizing sheds

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 04 May 2013 at 03:40 PM


I have decided something about sheds; it's always good to get the smallest one you can. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, you need one big enough for the things you have to store otherwise you've just put up a wooden box in the garden, and that would be silly.

However, it's really better not to say "oh, let's get one slightly bigger, because you never know what you need to store."

The thing is you do know.  Really.  Deep down.  You know it.  You will store complete and utter rubbish.

I understand this only too well because I've just upgraded my shed.  In fact I've gone for a Posh Shed and if the name weren't enough of a giveaway, let's just say I couldn't have bought it the same size as my previous shed without selling one of the children. Or maybe two.

But, it is a thing of beauty and I love it.  Sometimes I just sit and look at it, and sigh with happiness.  OK. There's no need to roll your eyes like that.

The children were quite keen too. In fact they insisted we all ate tea in there the day it went up.  And then I shattered their fantasy of this being a new, grander playhouse by pointing out that the heap of stuff sitting on the lawn was actually destined to reside where they were currently munching on sandwiches.

They didn't take it well.

But all I will say if that heap of rubbish was a lot less scary than the heap that originally came out. Which included such "vital" items as 150 plastic plant pots, some broken badminton rackets, a gas barbeque we hadn't used in three years, 40 tins of no-longer-usable paint, a broken sprinkler, several lengths of plumbers piping... You get the point.

But in downsizing I have made a new start.  I'm now planning shelving, tool hanging space and even a kind of hammock for storing the topbox for the car.  The children may even be allowed back in again one day.  Just for a short visit mind.  And only if they wipe their feet.


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