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Garden mirrors and Ground Force

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 15 Apr 2013 at 05:14 PM


I've just done something a little bit Ground Force.  Thankfully it didn't involve painting trellis a frightening shade of lavender, installing a water feature or forgetting to don a bra. Instead I put up a mirror.

It was one I found when clearing out our shed and I thought it might be a welcome addition to Oscar's garden. After all, if there's one thing my son loves it's the chance to practice his mournful expression.

The task itself was easy - rub down the old paintwork and then recoat in an exterior wood paint (I used Farrow & Ball's Mouse's Back - mainly because I had some left over but also because it's less offensive than Ground Force Lavender). I then attached 19mm mirror hanging glass plates in brass which I screwed into the frame and then into the bricks using rawlplugs and brass screws.  

The finished mirror does a good job at breaking up the wall in Oscar's garden and, from a distance, looks a little like a window (although admittedly one into a scary world peopled by small waving children and past-their-best scarecrows).

Mirror collage


IWA Garden Care said:

wow fantastic idea. Mirror optically also will make your garden look bigger. well done Dawn.

on 20 May 2013 at 12:32 PM

Steph Smith said:

Sorry, am going to be a bit negative. I really does seem like a good idea, our neighbour once did exactly the same. We were amused to start with when a male blue-tit took offence at it's own reflection and kept flying at the mirror trying to fight what it thought was a rival. It became less funny when we realised that because the rival didn't fly away, there was no incentive for it to stop. It spent the next 3 days doing nothing else but try to fight it's own reflection. What a waste of very valuable energy, which a wild animal can never afford to waste. It just stopped coming, but we saw several other birds behave in a similar way. Our neighbours weren't bothered, but we have never copied this idea, eben though it seems like a great way to enhance the garden.

on 27 May 2013 at 11:32 PM