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Kids' Garden Christmas Gifts: Rounders, Egglings and carrots called Coriander

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 10 Dec 2012 at 07:52 PM

  Square foot gardenYoung_gardener hamper

 Eggling_PH_CR300 Normal_three-funky-propagator-pods-a-novel-gift

Yesterday the children and I planted nine crocus rings in the lawn.  I was feeling smugly pleased with myself until I remembered it's mid December and I'd planned to have these in the ground two months ago.

Yes, it's fair to say I'm running just a little behind this year.

So quite frankly I think it's impressive I've got this list of Christmas garden gifts for kids ready before January.  And a lot more useful.

Egglings - Oh, go on say it again. Egglings. Yes, now one of my favourite words and also an egg-shaped planter which you crack by tapping lightly with a spoon to uncover some pre-sown seeds flower or herb seeds for windowsill growing. And did I mention they're called Egglings? ( £6.80 and free delivery)

Square Foot Garden - Square foot gardening is a great way to get kids started with growing and great for a small space.  The colours available are not exactly subtle but then neither are kids. (Green Frog Designs - £56 incl free shipping to UK)

Funky Propagator Pods - Propagating kit with a much more child-friendly design. However, I'm not sure it's wise to describe your own product as 'funky' - especially as the US definition of the word is "Having a strong, offensive, unwashed odor". ( £16.99 plus £2.75 UK delivery)

Young Gardener's Hamper - Filled with Moleskin notebooks, Haw's watering can, wooden handled trowel and fork and vintage terracotta pot, this is obviously much too good for any child. I suggest borrowing it all back as quickly as possible. (Clifton Nurseries £41.95 plus delivery)

Matchstick Gardens - great stocking fillers - just don't spend too long working out the cost-per-seed ratio. ( £2.75 plus delivery)

Family Rounders Set - You remember rounders?  It's baseball, but less cool. And I love it for that reason alone. (the worm that turned £39.95 plus £5.95 delivery)

Personalised Mini Wooden Planter - because, egotists that they are, kids love to have their names on anything. ( £19 plus £4.75 delivery)

Soft Toy Vegetables - a good garden based gift for the younger children although I'm not sure the alliterative names work so well. Tammy the tomato and Lucy the leek are bad enough but Coriander the carrot is just downright confusing for the poor thing. (kids in the garden from £8.99 each with free delivery) 


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