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Artificial grass, TOWIE tans and never saying never

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 01 Dec 2012 at 05:43 PM


In my book fakes aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  I’m not averse to the odd spray tan (provided the needle doesn’t tip towards the TOWIE end of the scale), my hair is quite used to a helping hand in the colour department and I think I can confidently say the orange handbag I bought in that Chinese market is not a genuine ‘Birkin’ (the fact it began shedding its skin in the manner of a snake on a growth spurt should have been a giveaway).

And then there’s artificial grass.

I used to have quite a snooty attitude about this. “Pah!” I thought. “Never!” I thought.  But I shall never say never again (not that it’s wise to live life entirely by Bond movie titles; whilst diamonds are forever, the world really ought to be enough for anyone and I know Buddhists will disagree but I’m fairly sure you only live once).

So yes, I have softened towards artificial grass.  And before you get cross with me, I don’t mean in all circumstances, but there are times when it’s a good option. 

Take the project I finished last week. A day nursery right in the centre of Peterborough. Convenient?  Yes.  A green oasis?  Not exactly.  In fact the garden consisted of a modest-sized space between two tall buildings, bordering a car park and a street and laid to concrete – enticing huh?

Oh, and the brief (that really should have been delivered by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in ruffled shirt and suitably theatrical arm gestures) was “natural with a hint of magic”

Well, guess what - turf doesn’t grow on concrete, you can’t put a safety surface under turf, turf doesn’t grow well in shade and turf cannot be cut into pretty rolling hill shapes and glued to the wall or used to cover the roofing felt on your playhouses and bins. Artificial grass on the other hand…

 So there you have it. Some fakes are good. Although to be fair, not in the handbag department. 



rjdunny said:

That children's playhouse pictured is outstanding! I think we may have to do a little investigation to add these to our collection.

Couldn't agree more on the artificial grass topic as well, we used to be of the same opinion but after fitting some "garden carpets" we were swayed.

Anyhow, look out for new children's playhouses soon here!

on 22 Dec 2012 at 01:14 AM