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NGS open garden: the kids' version

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 12 Jun 2012 at 02:42 PM

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So we survived our first NGS opening relatively unscathed.

In all honesty I would have liked more visitors, but considering we were all wrapped up in jumpers and one person was designated the role of “holding onto the gazebo so it doesn’t actually fly off’, we probably did OK.

Also, I feel fairly confident that we will be the only NGS opening this year that offered visitors a Great Sylvanian Hunt.

Yes, this was as much the kids’ event as mine and they decided to give the public the thing they felt sure they wanted– the opportunity to hunt miniature, over-priced and incongruously dressed animal figures. So we had gardening Sylvanians in the greenhouse, picnicking Sylvanians beneath the strawberries, a Sylvanian hospital amongst medicinal herbs, Sylvanian Santa by our potted Christmas tree, terrified Sylvanians in the dinosaur garden and then, for no other reason than a surfeit of tiny transportation, Sylvanians rowing beneath a bench, driving out from behind some logs and beginning a death-defying motorcycle jump from high up in our insect shelter.

And there was cake.

What more can you want?



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