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Swing sets, Danish dramas and significant birthdays

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 21 Feb 2012 at 08:06 PM


Photo Source: Sitting Spiritually

Buy cheap, buy twice.

I employ this phrase quite regularly.  It's a useful way to pretend you are a prudent investor whilst simultaneously spending far too much money on an item.

I've said it a lot recently.

The reason?  A swing.

You see we have an old swing in the garden but it's becoming a bit too 'swingy'.  I know this is like complaining that rain is too wet or a Danish drama about murder is a bit too gloomy, but it is true. Whilst I find it perfectly normal behaviour for the seats to rock back and forth, it becomes slightly disturbing when the entire frame follows suit.

Also, in common with most other play equipment, our swing set is only made for children.  In my opinion this is an error.  Swings, like university, free time and youth, are wasted on the young. If I'm buying a new set of swings I want to make sure I get to go on them.

This (and my aforementioned gravitation towards the pricey end of the market) led me to put in an order last week with Sitting Spiritually.  They have a sturdy, classic design in oak or cedar and, not only do they take adults as well as children, they even have a drinks shelf option. Genius.

Delivery won't be for a few more weeks, but I do get sent photo updates.  This one is of the engraved seats.  I may have to put a copy in my purse - alongside shots of the children.

Sadly, none of this comes cheaply so I am justifying the purchase as my birthday present.  Thankfully it's a significant number this year (let's pretend it starts with a '3' - it doesn't, but, hey it's my blog) which makes  the extravagance a little more bearable. However, a word to the wise: "I'd really like to be able to swing on my birthday" is not such a great phrase to use.



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