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Slugs, worms... and other moustaches

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 03 Nov 2011 at 11:37 AM


IMG_0333 IMG_0365 IMG_0371*

There are snatches of conversation which sound a little odd out of context. For example, if you stood near my son and I in the playground today you would have heard the following exchange:

"Mummy, I don't think you should stick the worm to your lip."

"No, you're probably right, but I reckon if I lean backwards slightly, it'll just lie there."

To be fair, there isn't actually a context in which this wouldn't sound odd.  But this is what happens when you sign up to grow a moustache for charity only to be faced with the undeniable (and, let's face it, happy) fact that you aren't capable for doing any such thing.

However, I will not be beaten.  Movember is a genius idea for a very good cause - raising awareness and funds to help fight prostate and testicular cancer through sponsorship of moustaches grown in November. 

So, if I can't grow a hairy facial folly, then I shall craft some.

And this is what I am doing.  One a day, for the rest of this month.

Some will be craft material based, but the kids and I are also taking inspiration from the garden. As such, we have already had the Sycamore Seedling Moustache and we have gathered, sticks, small pine cones and leaves ready for future creations.

Rather foolishly, I have even agreed to feature some garden wildlife (hence the worm conversation) and, if I make it to triple figures in sponsorship, I've promised a slug version, inspired by Blackadder Goes Forth and Baldrick's Charlie Chaplin impression (only using live slugs rather than the deceased variety).  

If you can spare a donation to help support the cause, there are more details (and photos) of my efforts here - and of the entire Bristling Gardeners Team here. Also, if you have any other inspired ideas for fake moustaches, I will do my best to craft them.


*Day 1: Feather Boa Moustache; Day 2 Sycamore Seedling Moustache; Day 3: Velvet and Sequin Moustache


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