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Kids garden scavenger hunts

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 19 Jun 2011 at 09:35 PM


Home improvement - there's a funny phrase.  Not funny 'ha, ha', more funny 'painful'.  Because whatever guise this so-called 'home improvement' takes it always results, in the short time anyway, in a home diminishment.

I am very home diminished at the moment.  My desire to have two rooms knocked into one large room has resulted, so far, in a lack of any rooms at all.  But you see, I thought this through.  "June", I said.  "Let's do it in June. The weather will be lovely.  We can practically live outside."

HAHAHAHAHAHA. How the weather gods have laughed at that one.

Still, with the entire family holed up in the playroom for the rest of this month, I need the children to live outside. Admittedly, I'm not selling it quite like that.  No, I'm far more devious.  I used a scavenger hunt.

I cannot recommend it enough.  Take one piece of paper; fIll it with a dozen or so items to find and collect in the garden; give all children in sight a container of some description to collect their treasures; put on the kettle and shut the door.

As you will see from the photo, I'm starting with the easy stuff. If you want some inspiration try any of these you have in the garden:

Ladybird, oak leaf, dandelion seed, caterpillar, poppy, feather, ant, fern frond, rose petal, snail, bark, moss, worm, pine needle, pebble, holly leaf, daisy, purple leaf, walnut shell, lavender, mint leaf, fluffy clematis seedhead

But as the build progresses and my desperation for a room unsullied by children increases, expect some harder versions. I'm thinking four-leaf-clovers, parakeet feathers and slipper orchids.  Possibly, if we run into July, I might just add the fountain of youth, Lord Lucan and Shergar.  I mean you wouldn't want to make it too easy, would you?



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