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Child friendly seed packets

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 01 Apr 2011 at 03:18 PM

I am an incredibly thoughtful person.  Unfortunately, it really isn't the thought that counts.  It's pulling your finger out and turning that thought into action.

Sadly this is where I fall down.

Thankfully, some people are much better at this which is why, a few days ago, the children and I received a parcel of delights.  It came from Dave, an old friend of my husband's and his family, and now of ours.  He lives in the States but is a self-confessed anglophile and when over here, always makes the effort to catch up. Not only did he come bearing gifts on his most recent visit but on his return home, put together another package to send over. 

These were seeds he'd bought at the Philadelphia Flower Show from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Isn't this exactly how seed packets should look? And read?

Each of the packs is designed by a different New York artist and folds out into a flower shape.  What's more, they're of good enough quality that you can keep and even frame them. Then, of course, they elicit that Pokemon card style twitch telling you to collect them all.

Plus the names are so much more exciting than your run of the mill seeds; we have Tiny Tim Tomato, Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry, Calico Popcorn, Good Bug Blooms and Green Zebra Tomato.

All this makes them perfect for children.  If you still need convincing, I'll tell you that the reason I can only photograph four packs is that Ava has taken the fifth in to 'Show and Tell' today - and there wasn't even bribery involved.

Of course, I've no idea how we'll get on with the actual growing.  Most are heirloom seeds adapted to a New York State of Mind, but even if we fail, we can always just sit back and gaze lovingly at the packets.


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