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Life lessons, greenhouse construction and the under 3s

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 01 Mar 2011 at 02:35 PM

 Life is all about the learning.

This weekend for example I learnt the following things:

1. If you’re dismantling a greenhouse, it’s worth labelling all the pieces rather than just a small and elite selection.  This way you can put it back together with ease rather than holding your head in your hands and repeating the phrases ‘but it should fit’ and ‘I don’t understand where I went wrong’ ad infinitum

2. When stacking oak sleepers for a greenhouse base, remove your fingers before the two inordinately heavy pieces of wood crush them

3. Greenhouses are like jigsaw puzzles, there is always a piece missing (but unlike jigsaw puzzles, there is no point looking for it behind the sofa)

4. Glazing clips can travel a very long distance and are trickier to spot amongst wood chips than you might imagine

5. You can never have enough glazing clips (see point 4)


6. Leaning glass up against a greenhouse is a fairly certain way to ensure the immediate arrival of strong winds

Still with my father's determination, and the kind advice and help of the greenhouse's previous owner (who, rather confusingly goes my the names of Nobby, Arthur and Robin so henceforth shall simply be known as Glasshouse Guru or 'GG' for short') - the structure is up.

I still have one annoying pane that won't fit and two missing pieces, but I feel these problems can be overcome.

Also, the children are nearly as excited as I am and Ava and Oscar kept running out to check on progress.  Archie, more worryingly, walked towards me with a slow but determined air, carrying a football, and then threw it directly at a pane of glass.

7. Always ensure you have spare glass for your greenhouse or...

8. Never again allow under 3s into your garden.

You see, the learning never ends.


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