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Play mounds, hill starts and porch demolisions

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 12 Oct 2010 at 10:13 AM

I do love a good hill. 

This penchant may have something to do with my early years in South Lincolnshire where the territory is so flat you can see people approaching from at least 10 miles away and no-one learns to do a 'hill start' in their driving test because such things are assumed to be a fictitious invention.

So hills became to me an exotic landscape seen only on annual holidays and in picture books.

This may explain why I built my own.

Well, OK, it's not my own, and I didn't build it, but I did put one in the design for our local playground. You see, whilst I'm no longer a resident 'flatlander' we're in a landscape that doesn't exactly undulate, it just has the odd wrinkle.

And so we created a 20 metre long mound at the far end of the playing fields.  It was actually a useful money-saving tool as it got rid of spoil and subsoil from the creation of the village cemetery extension (I'm not sure why it's been extended - perhaps we're all looking a bit sickly).  This was then built up in carefully compacted 50cm layers - and then finished with a layer of topsoil all over.

Then, last weekend, I laid 135 square metres of turf over it.

This was slightly stressful - partly because the mound is really a little too steep in places and it was sometimes more 'avalanche-prevention' than 'turfing' - and partly because the turf delivery lorry had managed to demolish someone's porch (not exactly winning hearts and minds with that one).

Still, the porchless gentleman was unbelievably gracious about the whole incident and the turf did eventually stay put.

The steepest part of the mound should eventually house a climbing wall as well as a double width slide and possibly even a tunnel through, but at the moment we have no funds so it is just a mound. Still, this is, in many ways, a perfect piece of play equipment as children are strangely drawn to run, roll and race down anything more than a slight incline.

I just hope the turf gets a few weeks to anchor itself first - and that no-one from South Lincolnshire decides to come and practice their hill starts here.



sue1002 said:

The children will love it when it snows, a great place to sledge down.

on 13 Oct 2010 at 09:07 PM

Dawn Isaac said:

So true!  I was thinking of rolling and running, but if we're getting anything like last winter, sledging may well be the number one use.

on 24 Oct 2010 at 04:12 PM