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Log walkways, to-do lists and freelance ninjas

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 27 Sep 2010 at 12:48 PM

Last week I was shockingly efficient. One day I even managed to cross eight things off my 'to-do list' before my morning tea break.  I'll admit, I added three of these things retrospectively just so I could tick them off and one of them may have been 'wake up', but if felt good, OK?

Not wanting to stem this task obliteration drive, I carried on when the kids got back from school by tackling something that I've been meaning to do for ages - the log walkway.

This was my idea to reclaim a lost patch of land, behind the sandpit and under the flowering purple cherry tree which is pretty much hidden and inaccessible. It is also a way to use up some logs we cut which are just a bit too large for the wood burning stove.  This is a wise move, because I have been known, on particularly cold days, to try forcing such logs in, only to find out that new glass for the front of our Clearview Stove is remarkably pricey.

But anyway, back to gardens.

I chose the flatter and shorter logs to form a raised walkway. When I did have to use longer specimens, I buried the bottom third in the ground to make them a little more stable.  We then selected a few shade-friendly ferns and perennials from elsewhere in the garden to create a woodland feel to the space.

The kids love it - mostly because they can move between two areas of the garden unseen (useful for their future careers in black ops or as freelance ninjas).

We will need to keep the log tops clear of leaf fall or else they will become dangerously slippery. Also, if it's a very hard winter, there is every chance I may go and steal the logs back.  Although then I'd have to add 'replace stove glass' to my to-do list again.



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