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The One Where Everyone Chooses Cheerleading

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 19 Sep 2010 at 03:36 PM

“We had to choose our options today Mummy?”

“Oh really” I said, only half listening to Ava (this was Wednesday afternoon - post pre-school gardening club, post school, post gym club and, in my defence, I hadn’t had a cup of tea for at least two hours).

“Yes we can choose three things from a list; stuff like computers, multi-skills, football, gardening…”

“Gardening?” I am suddenly alert.

“Yes, Mummy.”

“So what did you choose?”

“Book club, computers and…. cheerleading”.

“Oh”.  I am trying to sound upbeat at this point.  It doesn’t work.  I know this because my seven-year-old daughter’s voice suddenly becomes gentler and she says:

“I would have chosen gardening…. if they let us have a fourth option.”

She is only a knee pat away from being downright condescending.

Still on the bright side, Oscar opted gardening although I have to admit it was only number two on his list… after cheerleading.

High School Musical and Glee have a lot to answer for.



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