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50 things to do in the garden this summer

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 12 Aug 2010 at 10:32 AM


There comes a point in each summer holidays when the kids get to that 'I'm SO bored' moment.  I find there are two ways to react to this - either find the largest cupboard in the house, shut the door and curl up in the foetal position waiting for it to pass or reach for that list of 'things to do in these kind of emergencies'.

Inevitably my list has always involved a lot of garden-based and outdoor activities, so if you're looking for a bit of inspiration this holiday, why not try some of these:

1. Hold a garden treasure hunt

2. Press flowers - then how about making pressed flower book marks or placemats

3. Plant cress caterpillars

4. Make garden spotting sheets

5. Play badminton

6. Cut and arrange some flowers

7. Go on a mini-beast hunt

8. Put double-sided sticky tape on some card and see how many nature colours the children can spot and collect on a walk outside

9. Plant a herb pot

10. Make a miniature garden

11. Make a tent from a clothes horse and sheet to set up your own camping site

12. Make a garden collage

13. Try some open air theatre - drag the dressing up box outside and let the kids put on a show

14. Make plant perfume

15. Harvest some fruit and veg for tea

16. Find some fairy gifts

17. Collect some seeds and make your own seed packets

18. Grow carrot tops

19. Plan and build a garden for the kids

20. Have a picnic

21. Personalise the playhouse

22. Play 'Run Around'

23. Fill the paddling pool

24. Make a sand garden

25. Make pressed flower soaps

26. Start a garden journal

27. Create jam jar night lights

28. Build a scarecrow - like this - or this

29. Play hide and seek

30. Make a nature walk booklet and go for a wander

31. Build a tree house

32. Make an insect hotel

33. Personalise some wellies

34. Jump in puddles

35. Write your name on a pumpkin

36. Use some bamboo canes, netting and prunings to make a camouflaged bird spotting den

37. Take the children out to choose their own autumn bulbs for planting

38. Count some worms

39. Blow some bubbles

40. Go bark rubbing

41. Make 'magic mixtures' - sand, dirt, stones, really anything - add water and stir - it's disgusting but strangely compelling for the under 10s

42. Make a list for a scavenger hunt

43. Have a game of croquet

44. Create a stumpery

45. Devise an obstacle course

46. Sink a trampoline and watch them bounce

47. Climb a tree

48. Create a den

49. Have a water fight

50. Make a bird bath


richardpeeej said:

Interesting list Dawn what about

51 Flagfolding. Folding up plastic carrier bags into small neat triangles that are really easy to store, this is what I quite often do:-

on 13 Aug 2010 at 04:44 PM

NathanielB said:

Thanks for the great list Dawn, I just got a new inflatable swimming pool from the other day, which I will be setting that up in the back garden over the weekend.

So this list will be something I can check back at to give the kids something to do whilst waiting for the pool to fill up :)

on 19 Jul 2013 at 05:00 PM