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Children's gardens and forgetting underpants

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 29 Jun 2010 at 06:20 PM


Yesterday my son forgot his pants.  I don't mean that he failed to pack them, I mean that he failed to wear them.  He also forgot to take off his pyjama bottoms.  I am assuming he was interrupted at this vital 'dressing' moment by something incredibly important like What's New Scooby Doo?.  Well that or he was stumped as usual by being asked to process two things at once - 'get dressed and brush your teeth'.  I mean, really, with intricate and detailed instructions like that, you have to expect a 50% failure rate.  Surely?

I tell you this, not to humiliate my delightful, if absent-minded offspring, but rather to underline how incredible it is that he does manage to remember nearly half the names of plants in his garden.  When you consider that he's currently growing nearly 40 species in that space, you will understand how impressive I find this. Admittedly, we're not talking Latin names yet, but give me time, give me time...

I'm also quite amazed by how keen he is to see improvements to his plot.  He insisted on adding a vegetable garden and is currently considering moving out his Lambs ear as it's too big and also swapping over a couple of other plants which he feels are swamped in their present position.

Best of all, he runs to check on his garden as soon as he comes home from school and likes to give visitors a tour of the area when they come over.  I'm only surprised he hasn't thought to charge admission yet. Still, from a boy who occasionally finds 'remembering underpants' a step too far, perhaps this is asking too much.


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