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Fathers' Day herbal tea pot

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 17 Jun 2010 at 04:01 PM

Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone.  Not literally.  That would have been a tad cruel.  Plus my aim's never been very good.  No, I actually did another dry run for Gardeners' World Live whilst at the same time making a Fathers' Day gift with the children.

Behold - the herbal tea pot!

You see, my husband is very much in touch with his feminine side.  Not only does this manifest itself in a certain penchant for musical theatre, but he also has a love of herbal tea.  To be honest, I don't get this.  Not the Judy Garland bit so much as the non-builders cuppa.  But then again, I would choose instant coffee over that fresh ground nonsense any day of the week, so what do I know?

It also gave me an inspired idea for father's day and so the kids and I planted up a selection of mints - including chocolate, apple and black peppermint, in a small strawberry pot.  I have even added the chamomile seedlings to the top (yes, I know the mint will soon overrun this, but it should be OK for a few weeks.)

As before, we added the drilled pipe to the centre to help with irrigation, but this time I remembered to spray the cap black so it's a little less obvious.

For an added 'cute but illegible' factor, the children have even written the varieties of mint next to it on the pot so they can go and select the correct leaves based on his manly choice of brew that day.

Oh, and it has managed to assuage my guilt slightly at the thought of deserting him for the weekend with three kids to take camping while I swan around the NEC. I mean, he might have taken on the burden of childcare but at least he can have a lovely cup of peppermint tea while he wanders around the campsite humming Guys and Dolls.


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