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Playground launch and the rules of bunting

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 09 Jun 2010 at 04:07 PM

I love bunting; not in terms of 'I am quite fond of it' but more in the sense of 'I would string it around every building on the planet if I could'.  I can't help it.  It just makes me happy.

I only have to see a short section of little flapping triangles for my heart to skip a beat.  It speaks of village fetes, rosy-cheeked children, jovial vicars and picturesque deaths (there is barely an episode of Midsummer Murders not featuring bunting - I am waiting for the one where Chief Inspector Barnaby's wife is strung up by the stuff in some gruesome tableau - or perhaps that's just wishful thinking...).

Anyway, this may go some way to explain why I volunteered to make 80 metres of the stuff.  And yes, I did say 80 metres.

This was ostensibly for the Village Barn Dance which is on Friday, but I also calculated that I could borrow it for the official launch of our local playground which I've been helping to redevelop.

As you will see from the picture, it framed the event beautifully and quite frankly, I am holding it personally responsible for ensuring the rain stayed away for the entire afternoon. 

The launch itself was a community sports day and general 'bring a picnic' along get together which saw 200 people turn out to a place that six months ago was a blank field.  We've still got a long way to go in terms of adding more paths, plants and a wildflower meadow, and, if we can find the funds, more equipment, but already this space has made a huge difference to the amount of outside play the local kids enjoy.  I rarely go down there without seeing a dozen or so using the zip wire, fort, football pitch and climbing logs. 

So it seemed right to bring bunting along for the celebration.


...when that same bunting is returned to you, dripping wet from the thunderstorm that immediately followed, there are things that should be remembered.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, THINK TO YOURSELF, "Oh, I'll just pop that in the washing machine".

If you do, three things will happen.

Firstly, the entire 80 metres of bunting tape will turn a not entirely attractive shade of pink.

Secondly, the material that you thought would be OK to just cut with pinking shears will fray into oblivion.

Thirdly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the 80 metres of bunting will tie itself into knots of such complexity it would take an entire nation of boy scouts to untangle it.  Well, that or it will take one slightly stressed and tearful mother 6 hours on a Sunday night to do the same. 

Yes, that's right.... 6 HOURS!

I love bunting just a little less now.


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