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Mobiles, iPods and Lambs' Ears

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 18 Jan 2010 at 11:35 AM

I find technology somewhat frustrating.  I'm no technophobe, in fact quite the opposite, it's just that it all seems to come along a little too late in my book.

Take mobile phones.  Now there is an invention that would have made college days a whole lot easier.  How simple it would have been to arrange to meet up with friends, change plans when needed and generally learn to relax. Instead, I had to organise the day's social activities over breakfast, when I could barely remember my own name. And OMG, I cld hv txtd 2.

And now it's iPods.  Why did I not have one before children?  You know, when I was actually allowed to listen to something other than my offspring's unrelenting demands.

Still, this weekend, now the promised thaw is in full throttle, I ventured into the garden, iPod in pocket, for some therapeutic compost turning and general cutting back to some banging tunes (well, alright, a bit of Dolly Parton, but nothing accompanies manual labour so well as 9 to 5...).

But no - half an hour into my task, I found I had a helper.  My daughter came out to join me.  And it was delightful.  She cheerfully cleared away the old growth as I cut it down and took it to the compost heap. She pulled out the last overgrown beetroot and withered lettuce from the veg beds, tidied up her own garden and planted the remaining handful of tulip bulbs which never quite made it into the ground before the big freeze.

And throughout it all she talked, and talked, and talked.  That is when she wasn't singing - and I use that term very loosely - her own compositions.  I can't remember them all, but there was definitely a ditty about her new garden as well as some kind of ode to Lambs' Ears ("I couldn't be keener, on Stachys byzantina" - OK, that wasn't quite it, but you get the drift).

So, yet again, technology proved itself obsolete. 

Ear plugs would have come in useful though.


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