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PR baiting, three-day-headaches and gardening as therapy

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 09 Nov 2009 at 05:19 PM


An old press contact of mine wrote to a number of ex-PRs this morning on Facebook pondering why so many of us chose to become garden designers.  My answer was that gardening is particularly good therapy to cope with years of abuse from journalists.

This is in part true - PR baiting is a sport enjoyed by many members of the press and I have spent years trying to get Amnesty International to take note.  These days I suffer no such cruelty, but gardening is still a form of escape - it's just that these days it's from the family.

Don't get me wrong - I adore evey single member of my little tribe, life would be empty without them, but just occasionally I need to remember that I exist beyond the role of wife, mother and domestic servant.  

Sometimes I do this by putting on snot-free clothes and racing off to London to drink and gossip with friends for the evening.  However, the more cost effective option, and one less likely to give me a three-day-headache, is to don my wellies and spend a couple of solitary hours gardening.

Of course, this does appear to rather go against my general mission of getting the kids hooked on gardening.  However, I am hoping that, when I reappear after an hour or two, relaxed, happy, a spring in my step and a healthy glow to my complexion they may well think, in When Harry met Sally parlance, "I'll have what she's having". 


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