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Decorating wellies, acrylic pens and Converse overload

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 09 Oct 2009 at 10:18 AM

Archie's welliesSo what do Sportacus, ladybirds, Dora the Explorer and dinosaurs have in common?  Well, in this house at least, they are all considered fitting subjects for commercial wellie decoration.

I'm not sure when exactly it was considered strangely eccentric to just have plain old rubber boots but there was definitely a tipping point.  I can't even pretend I'm immune as I now garden in a fetching pair of pink spotted wellies.

However, two family members have escaped the trend.  MM doesn't even own a pair of wellies (although apparently deems it essential to have at least 10 pairs of Converse trainers despite the fact he plays almost no sports and is only a year away from the big 4-0) and poor Archie has been left with a pair of hand-me-downs so old, no-one can quite remember their original owners identity but it was definitely BPWD (Before Pointless Wellie Decoration).

Yesterday, I decided to right this wrong and attack the unsuspecting pair.  Thankfully, I have invested in a set of acrylic paint pens.  Admittedly, only I see this as an investment and MM is watching me with a worried expression as I walk around the house looking for excuses to use them.

Acrylic paint pens are pricey (it cost me £10.50 for a set of six from Yellow Moon) but you can use them on a huge range of surfaces and they're waterproof.  Also, I've found these ones are a lot easier to handle than those that come in the pre-packaged 'Pain Your Own Wellies' kits which seem to have the same consistency and suitability for artwork as toothpaste.

So now Archie has some lovely bright, customised wellies (well, OK, one - but I will get round to finishing the pair) that dried in about five minutes.  Plus, the pens were so easy to use, I'm considering letting my other children customise their wellies too.  Or perhaps their father's Converse.  What a sweet idea for Christmas - I'm sure he'd be delighted...


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